"I was having problems with my jaw (TMJ). I couldn't chew gum or food for very long without pain and popping. After receiving treatment from Dr. Christy, I could chew all the gum I wanted! There was no more pain and virtually no more popping. After the first treatment, I already saw 100% improvement. The alternative to fix my jaw was going to be wearing a retainer all day, everyday. That didn't sound appealing at all. After hearing that a chiropractor could help, I scheduled an appointment right away. It has been the most helpful solution to a problem I have had for years!"  --Trish, college student



"Chiropractic care works.  My medical doctor started treating my acute back pain with muscle relaxers and narcotics.  Sure, it helped the pain but caused serious side effects with no end in sight.  I didn't want to live like that!  My best friend asked "Why don't you try chiropractic care?" As a Registered Nurse for over 30 years, I remained ignorant about Chiropractic adjustments and care- but after 3 months of back pain I was ready to try.  To my delight, I found Dr. Christy and his wonderful staff online.  The staff worked me in quickly; Dr. Christy explained in detail the exam, x-ray results and treatment options.  They even gave me a cold ice pack that day!  I have been treated with respect and dignity by all staff.  I even referred my husband, Christopher, who had chronic back pain.  Currently,  we are attending their wellness center.  I am feeling stronger, happier and pain free.  Who knew getting in shape could be so much fun?  No longer am I afraid of growing older and weaker.   Perhaps this summer I could run a marathon with them…. Stick with it, he's a great Doctor.  And don't forget to use the icepacks!" --Elizabeth Reid, retired nurse



"Dr. Christy is willing to work with the patient and their schedule. He has informed recommendations and helps ease the pain." --Brenda, nurse/wife/mother




"I used to have problems with my neck and lower back. After receiving treatment from Dr. Christy, I could move my neck more easily - especially when backing my car out of a parking space. And with the Wellness Center, the first thing you notice is that your clothes fit better! By strengthening your core, you stand up straighter and have more stamina and control over your body."  --Sue, avid gardner and grandma!




"My daughter has been having problems with migraine headaches since she was 4 years old. Grace would have a migraine every 3 weeks. She would sleep walk, vomit, and be down for at least 12 hours with severe head pain. She was treated for sinus infection and allergies; however, those were never the actual problem. After receiving treatment from Dr. Christy, she will stay migraine free for up to 3 months! We still have the occasional set-back (typically from a fall at school or gymnastics). One call to the Vinton Chiropractic Center though, and we are right back on track! We have also noticed great improvement  in her appetite and sleep patterns as well. I would recommend Vinton Chiropractic & Wellness Center to anyone because they are all very warm, welcoming, and ready to help! Dr. Christy and his staff are top notch!"      --Lisa, mother of Grace (age 8)

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  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient."

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